CEO and President of the Board of the International Sharing School, Miguel Ladeira Santos, graduated in International Hospitality Finance and also has a Hotel Management Diploma from Swiss Hotel schools and feels strongly that children need to understand about hospitality and the art of being able to successfully welcome people as a skill for life.

The International Sharing School should not be seen as simply a place for children to gain an academic education, instead the focus is firmly on a holistic approach for children which encompasses the area of hospitality.

But what exactly does hospitality mean in a school environment? Miguel Ladeira Santos explains: “The school is a place where we can not only get together in physical activities, it is also a place where we build team spirit and empowerment. This team spirit extends beyond the students, back home to their families, who we encourage to become part of the school community as a whole.”

At the school, the students are encouraged to share their experiences while creating lifelong memories for them to treasure into the future through this method of hospitality that runs throughout the school.

“Our aim is to make life easier for the parents of our students and the projects that we are developing at the school encompass many different facilities, allowing parents to leave everything to us, from the education of their kids, right through to dinner to take home, laundry cleaning, gym facilities, class for parents and much more,” explains Miguel.

At the very heart of the school is the understanding that this is not just a place where children come to complete classes or exams, it is a place of family and community and every child enrolled at the International Sharing School is always part of the wider school community and family.

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