“We have 1,000 places, actually 1,004, where it will be possible to park for €40 a month, in return for the delivery of the resident badge, given that we are talking about places that are well below the market price,” said Miguel Gaspar.

According to the Councilor for Mobility, there are 15 closed parks, in which residents will be able to park for 24 hours, relinquishing the surface parking badge of the Lisbon Municipal Mobility and Parking Company (EMEL).

“[…] We are talking about a guaranteed place in a park and, therefore, it seems reasonable that the person who chooses to opt for this benefit, for this park under special conditions, in some way, frees the public road for the others, that will continue to park on public roads ”, he observed.

The more than a thousand places will be distributed by Avenida de Roma (79), Praça de Londres (75), Avenida de Berna (70), Alameda (150), Valbom (60), Saldanha (50), Arco do Cego (13) ), Marquis of Pombal (120), Campo Mártires da Pátria (50), Campolide (60), Alexandre Herculano (20), Restauradores (52), Campo de Ourique (100), Largo do Jesus (30) and Infante Santo ( 75).