Between 19 April and the end of the initial deadline, INE received approximately 3.7 million responses, representing 80 percent of the households covered by the census.

The response to the 2021 Census was mostly made through the Internet (eCensos), which registered around 90 percent of the total responses. The remaining 10 percent of the answers were given by eBalcão, available at parish councils, by telephone or from direct support by the enumerator.

Until the end of the month, accommodation that has not yet responded will receive a contact notice or a visit from the enumerator reminding them of the need to respond to the census.

To respond via the internet at, citizens must use the codes contained in the letters delivered by the enumerators and the responses must refer to 19 April, 2021.

In contact with citizens, the approximately 11,000 hired enumerators follow specific health security protocols due to the pandemic situation.