The report "Trafficking in Persons Statistics Bulletin of Justice - 2008-2019", carried out by OTSH in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Justice Policy, said that during the 11 years, the year 2019 contained the most reported cases of human trafficking, totalling 81, 24 more than in 2018.

Furthermore, the document states, Lisbon and Beja, were the districts that recorded the most crimes between 2008 and 2019, with 66 and 31 cases respectively.

In the same period, only 46 criminal cases for human trafficking came to trial - 2013 was the year that these cases began to be trailed.

2018 was the year with the highest number of criminal cases, a total of 10.

The 46 cases have been concluded and had 205 defendants. 109 defendants were convicted, and 80 acquitted.

The document conveys that most of the defendants have Portuguese nationality, are male, and age between 40 and 49.

This statistical bulletin on human trafficking states that between the period, the total number of convicted in criminal proceedings at first instance is 112, with 2018 the year with the highest number of convicts: 30.

Of the total, 53 defendants were in prison and 42 in suspended prison with proof.