The same source indicated to Lusa agency that a man was in pre-trial detention, the most serious coercion measure.

The other suspects, 10 men and six women, were subject to presentations by the security force in their area of ​​residence, according to a Judicial Police source.

The 17 people detained on Wednesday, following the "Bad Way" operation, namely for fraud through the MBWay payment system, were present at the Estremoz Court, on Thursday and Friday, for the first judicial interrogation.

The Judiciary Police said in a statement on Wednesday that it arrested 17 people on that day on suspicion of having committed hundreds of aggravated computer scams, computer fraud and illegitimate access, in an operation to combat cybercrime carried out in the district of Estremoz, in the district Évora, and in other locations in the country.

A PJ source told Lusa that in the scope of the operation, house searches and arrests took place in Estremoz, Évora, Elvas, Benavente and Vialonga.

According to the same source, electronic equipment, various documents useful for the investigation, gold and a firearm were seized during the operation.

In the statement, the PJ said that the investigation began a few months ago, based on several cases of fraud committed in an organised manner, using the MBWay application.