Charges brought against dog owner

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The Matosinhos Public Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against the owner of a potentially dangerous and unsterilized dog that attacked a child and three adults when he was taken out in public without a lead or muzzle.

The Regional Attorney of Porto (PGR-P) revealed that the man is accused of committing four crimes of offenses to physical integrity, one of them serious.

“Regarding the movement of the animal on the public road without a leash, without a muzzle and without sterilization, the respective infraction records were drafted in due time”, adds the PGR-P in a note published on its website.

The facts of the process took place on 24 May, 2017, in Matosinhos, Porto district, when the man took the dog onto the street “without using any security mechanism”.

The animal tried to bite a child, "so the defendant was urged by his parent to restrain the dog, which he refused to do", continuing his journey, states the prosecutor.

Moments later, "thinking he could be photographed, the defendant decided to go back and approached the child's father with the purpose of removing his cell phone".

Still according to the evidence collected, “in view of this attitude of the accused, the animal ran towards the child, who was with the father, attacked and bit him, as well as biting three more people who intervened to stop the child from being attacked".

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Ya, that's one of those "welcome to Portugal" things. The first time I travelled to Portugal with my Portuguese wife to meet the rest of the family back in '98 during Expo, my wife told me to watch where I walked. Looking up at the amazing architecture, it was already too late. Subsequent visits, I keep my eyes on the cobble. When it comes to people and their pets, it's all about education...that's for sure.

By William from Other on 13-05-2021 05:20

Why don’t Portugal look at other countries like England, they don’t have dogs barking all day and night. Perhaps the dogs here in Portugal are not trained or walked or loved just chained up in a pen. Dogs are very intelligent animals if treated right.

By Lynda from Lisbon on 13-05-2021 03:39

I agree fully all dogs big or small must be kept on leads out in public as we have had dogs rush up to us while walking. People must be subject to a heavy fine if they don't obey the law.

By Brenda Hartgill from Porto on 13-05-2021 02:27

Unfortunately i was born in a country of low IQ people who cannot understand simple interactions with other people, they let their dogs bark endlessly withought any feelings for others, it's not that they are selfish its their education hasn't taught them anything and so we live with endless barking dogs and dogs pooping right in front of my entrance with no thought given and "I'll clean it later" nothing will change in my generation or in the future, this is Portugal...

By João Martins from Algarve on 13-05-2021 01:02

hi, dogs are a very big problem in Portugal , i was attacked at least
3 times my kid too, people don't seam to care if a dog eats a child or bites somebody. authorities should step up and fix this mess.

By john civic from Algarve on 13-05-2021 10:31
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