“Vaccination should not be promoted outside the age limits”

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The coordinator of the 'task-force' for the vaccination plan against covid-19 has defended that vaccination outside the age limit determined for some vaccines, allowed by rules, should not be promoted by the authorities.

Gouveia e Melo, who was speaking at the Parliamentary Health Commission, answered a question about the standards issued by the General Directorate of Health (DGS), which allow people outside the age limit for the Janssen vaccine (administered from the age of 50 years) and Astrazeneca (from 60 years old) can choose to receive these vaccines. “There is that possibility and it is being studied. The only concern that must be taken into account is the fact that we should not be promoting this”, he said.

On this matter, Gouveia e Melo added: “It is one thing for people to ask voluntarily and another thing for us to promote this mechanism, encouraging, in some way, this type of vaccination”.

The official also underlined that some European countries have removed the barrier of 50 years for the Janssen vaccine. He added that vaccination data with this vaccine are still being collected.

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I messaged my health centre (geral@arslvt.min-saude.pt) on the 4th of May saying I'd be willing to be vaccinated with the Jansen or Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. I received no response. Pretty pointless having litterally millions of vaccines go to waste.

By Brad from Lisbon on 13-05-2021 07:25
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