The spark that ignited my interest in a new career was a phone call I had with my mother, who still lives in Finland. I was complaining to her about my back pain and she relayed her own experience with a ‘miracle’ healer who had cured her back condition after just a few treatments. This healer, named Kari, has a busy practice in Helsinki. He conducts a very ancient healing treatment that is probably known to many Finnish readers of The Portugal News as Kalevalainen Jasenkorjaus.

The healing aspect is based on gentle movements, that start from the feet, moving up the body, until the crown of the head. Each movement is carefully assessed by the therapist, who through his/her sensitised fingers, will apply just the right amount of pressure according to how tense or relaxed the body is during each treatment. In essence, this technique remobilises the body into performing its essential tasks and therefore has been aptly named, ‘Mobilisation Therapy’.
Soon after that conversation I booked a flight to Finland and my first appointment with this ‘miracle’ therapist. On the day of my appointment I shuffled into Kari’s therapy room, rather like an old man but without the zimmer frame. The turbulent air flight had made my condition much worse and so I was really in a lot of pain on appointment day. Kari explained that the aim of treatment for most clients is to balance their musculoskeletal system, fascia and mobilise their joints, with an end result of a healthier metabolism, increased tissue fluid and blood circulation, as well as the release of any nerve entrapments. After a 90 minute treatment I walked out of his room, upright, pain free, and feeling energised for the first time in weeks.

I was so impressed by the treatment that I conducted my own research into the philosophy and techniques and within a week of being back home I had booked a place on the training course, which is still only based in Finland. Over the following three years I attended four intensive weekend terms of training (per year), with lots of home study and practice on willing volunteers. The first term of study was all about learning techniques, muscles and bones etc, and only then I was deemed ready for my first practice patient. I was hoping for a very simple case, but that wasn’t to be. My very first female volunteer had a very complicated condition around her spine. I used this experience to create my first case study for the course. The tutor’s feedback was very encouraging which really inspired me to continue.

Three years later I qualified, sold my floristry business and started coming to the Algarve for holidays and also client work. Four years ago, my partner and I moved permanently to the Algarve, and set up a new holistic treatment business, ‘Natural Joki Flow’. My client base has increased to such an extent that I now work by appointment only. With mobilisation therapy I can treat conditions such as Sciatica, Scoliosis, Frozen shoulder, Fybromyalgia, Arthritis, and injuries through an accident or by playing sport. I wouldn’t call myself a miracle worker, although some enthusiastic clients have, but certainly I have helped many people become mobile again after months and sometimes years, of suffering pain. However, there are some conditions like Fybromyalgia that don’t have a long term cure. But, mobilisation can certainly ease a Fibro client’s symptoms, which in turn allows them to move easier and have more energy to conduct basic activities like walking, making the bed, or cooking a meal.

At our treatment studio in Portimão, our clients can also receive a relaxing massage, a Reiki energy treatment, as well as interpersonal support in the form of counselling, hypnosis and mindfullness, whereby clients can learn to find resources within themselves to move forward and gain confidence to, lose weight, give up smoking, and overcome relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety.

I am very grateful to my mother and Kari for making my life transition possible, without them I may never taken the leap to change direction. Also, I am thankful to my friends, family and clients who have allowed me to practice new techniques on their bodies, and who have also supported my transition here to Portugal.

If I have sparked an interest in you for one of our treatments please call me on 910 665 601 for a brief consultation, and to make an appointment.