In the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Cabrita expressed that "the main desire" is not to have more debates in parliament on new periods of state of emergency, nor to report from the Government.

"This is not over yet, it is essential that tourists strictly respect the rules that Portugal make.”

The minister stressed that the "appropriate and demanding" measures allowed Portugal to succeed, about two months ago, to be the country "with the lowest" incidence of cases of covid-19 and deaths of "the entire European Union".

"This result proves the adequacy of the initiative of the President of the Republic, the decisions of the Assembly of the Republic and the difficult and demanding measures taken by the Government," he said.

Eduardo Cabrita stressed that the results are "above all a credit to all Portuguese for the way they internalized compliance with these measures" and the "merit of the professionals of the National Health Service who gave answers" in difficult times and that they contributed to Portugal recording "a significant reduction in cases and deaths" during April.

"This result is the merit of the security forces, who with determination, courage and commitment in a pedagogical or active way were present in ensuring compliance with the measures.”