easyJet offering discounted Covid tests

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Low cost airline easyJet has announced a partnership with Unilabs, one of the largest European diagnostic services companies, with the aim of providing accessible Covid-19 tests to passengers departing from Portugal and Spain.

According to a press release: “This collaboration will allow easyJet customers to have access to reliable tests, when these are necessary requirements for entry into countries where the company flies.

“In this sense, easyJet customers in Portugal and Spain will have access to a 15% discount on the test amount, when making their reservation through the airline's website. In this way, they will be provided with a unique code that they can use for booking at one of the Unilabs collection centres”.

This testing advantage offered by easyJet and Unilabs has been in place in Switzerland since April, and is in the process of being developed in other countries to be announced shortly.

José Lopes, General Director of easyJet for Portugal, highlights: "We are at a crucial stage for the recovery of the Tourism and Transport sector, so it is very important to join efforts in order to offer those who travel fast and accessible solutions for their travel.

“For this reason and because we are focused on ensuring that our customers can fly with maximum safety this summer, we are pleased to present our partnership with Unilabs. Through this, easyJet reinforces its intention to make passenger travel more convenient and safer, offering them the possibility of accessing Covid-19 tests that are fast and accessible”.

Martin Schlatter, Commercial Director at Unilabs, said: “We are delighted to create this partnership with easyJet. Passengers boarding a company aircraft in the Iberian Peninsula can now take advantage of this offer. This is undoubtedly a big step in helping people to resume their travels. As this resumption is felt, this offer allows travellers to access our Covid-19 tests quickly, effectively and reliably.”

Unilabs offers PCR tests as well as antigen and serology tests.

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