On a day when only the men were called to the water, Diogo Martins, Henrique Pyrrait, Tomás Fernandes, Miguel Blanco, Jácome Correia and Martim Paulino managed to adapt to the difficult conditions in Costa de Caparica, with small waves, and passed to round 64.

And there are six more Portuguese surfers who already have a 'seat' in round 4 (round of 64), namely, Guilherme Fonseca, Joaquim Chaves, Guilherme Ribeiro, Pedro Henrique, Afonso Antunes and Vasco Ribeiro (who won the Santa Cruz Pro, an event also on the World League of Surfing qualification circuit, last Saturday).

On the women's side, Francisca Veselko, Gabriela Dinis, Carolina Mendes, Yolanda Hopkins, Teresa Bonvalot, Beatriz Carvalho and Mafalda Lopes are still in the second round (rounds of 32).

The next call of the event is scheduled for 6:45am, but only for the women's competition.

The Estrela Galicia Caparica Surf Fest, which features a 3,000-point men's qualifying event and a 1,000-point women's qualifying event, kicked off on 17 May and runs until 23 May, following on from the Pro Santa Cruz, a 3,000-point men's qualifying event, which took place between 11 and 16 May at Mirante Beach, and was won by four-time Portuguese champion Vasco Ribeiro.