Algarve hotels with occupancy rate close to 80%

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Algarve hotels this weekend registered an occupancy rate of close to 80%, according to reports

It was the first weekend since the return of British tourists to Portugal. Last week up to five thousand tourists arrived in the Algarve every day following an easing of travel restrictions from some countries.

This coming weekend the number of flights landing in Faro from the UK is expected to double.

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Only 20% of hotels are open, so is 80% of that 20% . Misinformation all over media....

By Marijana Gak from Algarve on 25-05-2021 09:34

Article is nonsense..its not busy. Portugal needs the tourism. And tally ho, who says that?

ed to eat and make a living.

By Laura from Algarve on 24-05-2021 11:24

Obviously not in Vilamoura as it isn't much busier than before the 17th!

By Charles from Algarve on 24-05-2021 03:48

"Britons are to be barred from entering Germany from Sunday onwards after the country’s Public Health Institute designated the UK as a virus variant area of concern.

As of midnight on 23 May, people travelling to Germany from Great Britain and Northern Ireland may only enter the country if they are a German citizen or resident."

Good old Portugal is allowing as many Brits in as want to come because the hoteliers have applied pressure.

Tally ho the Covid express.

By James from Algarve on 24-05-2021 02:10

How come the person on the photo is not wearing a mask?

By Peter Adolphs from Algarve on 24-05-2021 11:47
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