List of countries with no restrictions to enter the EU fixed by June 9

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The European Union has said it expects to establish the list of third countries from which unrestricted travel is permitted due to covid-19 to the European bloc by June 9.

The French foreign minister said this will involve three categories – green, amber and red – to categorise the required health checks and restrictions for third country nationals.

Last Wednesday the 27 EU member states agreed to allow people already vaccinated against covid-19 from third countries to enter the EU.

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It seems that Portugal does not want tourism. It just does not make sense that they want a pcr tests for which the results are not available in time for the 72 hour threshold, yet they leave the land borders with Spain wide open. What exactly is the logic behind this?

By Monique from USA on 31-05-2021 07:17

Vaccine up people. Too many have died by listening to denyers like the “prof”. To me, denyers are buying a ticket to a very hot place!

By Jack Rainey from USA on 27-05-2021 02:33

But people from other EU nations, even with the lowest rates of infection, still cannot travel very reliably because a test result certificate is needed that cannot be guaranteed to be ready in time, and you have to book the flight that can easily become cancelled, and you'd need to also be able to book accommodation that you can cancel in due time when flight does not happen.

By K. Lehto from Other on 24-05-2021 02:17

Everyone knows now that the BS 19 is a scam!
Your are killing our children by sensoring the truth and the warnings of thousands of independent virology profs, and top scientists, including luc montaigner, who has told that anyone who takes these jabs will be dead within 2 years! And Mike yeadon former head of Pfizer who is online warning everyone to not take this mRNA tech gene altering poison.

The Nuremberg code, has been desecrated,
And all involved including news outlets like PN,
Who are maintaining the false narrative of covid 19, and pandemic that never has existed, will be held accountable not only by the law but I imagine the mobs of people that will come after you for revenge because you have assisted in murdering their family’s and children!

The PN is publishing fake propaganda to spread fear, under threat of punishment by Portuguese globalist political traitors who are bought and paid for by the wef gates Schwab genocide gangsters.

The day of reckoning is coming,

I was just following orders, will not help or save you!

By Prof Mike Yeadon from UK on 24-05-2021 11:40
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