Located in Lisbon’s Village Underground, in the Alcântara district, is where Village Food hides. The neighborhood, once a thriving port on the Tagus River, has now become a hub for trendy restaurants, bars, and cafés. Many of them you’ll find on the waterfront, and the clubs near the 25 de Abril bridge, are converted warehouses of the Santo Amaro Docks. On the other side of the train tracks, is the Village Food restaurant. A quirky place, you might just miss if it weren’t for the Village Underground sign on the wall and the big graffiti in the entrance.

The Village is made of old containers and school buses, refurbished and turned into offices, and a restaurant. You can even eat inside the bus restaurant for a more cozy, unique experience, with a view overlooking the entire location and glimpses of the 25 de Abril bridge. You can also try eating your meal on one of their swing tables outside, awakening the inner child in you, as long as you don’t get easily dizzy or nauseated. Around the site, little gardens are flourishing here and there. As you walk around, some people are planting the aromatic herbs and vegetables you will soon taste in the delicious meal awaiting you.

Perfect for a lunch between friends, colleagues or your next original date spot, the Village Food offers a simple yet very tasty menu.

While you wait for dessert to arrive, take a stroll around the village to admire the street art they have on display, bringing color, life, and humor, to a generally grey and industrial-like area. Go there for the food, stay there for the vibe and unique ambiance the village has to offer. They have an important nightlife as well. Their bar menu offers a variety of cocktails, prices starting at 7 euros. Behind the restaurant, they also have a stage where they hold concerts, shows, exhibitions.

Before the pandemic hit, the village would have around 2,000 people come by at night for drinks and music. Although with the Covid-19 restrictions now in place, everyone has to remain seated at their table, which as Francisco, the Village Food manager says, “doesn’t really want to make people come” if they can’t dance along to the techno music playing.

The village is basically an open space for everything and anything artistic, cultural, diverse, sustainable and most importantly: creative. It brings together creators and artists, mainly focusing on street culture, whether it is through music, art, skateboarding… you name it! The restaurant, which recently celebrated their seven-year anniversary, is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm and on Sundays from 11am to 8pm, to serve brunch, late lunches, snacks and dinners.