Lightsource bp invests €900m in Portugal

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Lightsource bp, a subsidiary of the British multinational bp, announced that it will be investing 900 million euros over the next six years in five “large scale” solar energy projects in Portugal.

This is via a co-development partnership with local company INSUN. Altogether, the five utility-scale projects aim to add more than 1.35 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy with low carbon content to the energy matrix of Portugal, says Lightsource bp in a statement.

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CO2 is not poisonous for humans and is not a problem for the nature either. If you get rid of concrete structures and build modern material housing in Portugal, you will end up with moldy and damp modern structures releasing insanely toxic chemicals for people living inside them. Plastic-laced wood materials used to build modern airtight 0-emission bottle housing with it's separate toxic machinery circulating the air people breath instead of allowing air from outside to come in freely, is not fit for any climate, least of all that of Portugal. You will have people living in tents escaping the illnesses these types of modern buildings cause?

By K. Lehto from Other on 02-06-2021 05:35

Another thing to note is that globally, there does not yet exist a plan over how to dispose and dismantle the massive amounts of difficult to process waste that is just about to start forming from all the solar panels that are already accumulating and standing around no longer functionally producing adequate levels of energy to offset their maintenance. Who is responsible for the potentially very high future expenses of waste disposal? The people of Portugal or the companies that profit from the panels? If it was the companies, they couldn't even make any profits so it should be an easy guess.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 01-06-2021 09:38

Let’s see your evidence. Producing long lasting panels and overall better technology is better than abandoning solar, don’t you think? Or would you rather go on polluting with oil, coal, etc? By the way, every ton of concrete produced represents a ton of CO2 released. Anyone want to shift the Portuguese construction industry away from their overreliance on cement and concrete toward more treated wooden structures? No. Didn’t think so. Just look around at the concrete blocks and ruined buildings covering this lovely country. Pollution and waste takes many forms. Tackle the ones doing the most damage.

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 01-06-2021 09:09

There exists an argument that solar energy is a scam and it will be a short lived technology as it is not truly green energy because the shelf life of the panels does not last as long as marketed causing an overly large portion of pollution from production and maintenance in relation to any energy output. It is waste of money and natural resources. Portugal is simply becoming a victim to the green ideology that the EU is pushing on the side of aid money it is showering.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 31-05-2021 08:17
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