"We mark this Tuesday, 1 June, the World Children's Day, with the launch of the Professions for Equality Game, which consists of an online portal, now with a first game, but which will be fed with other challenges and interactive activities, as well as content and information on these topics, available to the entire educational community and families with the aim of deconstructing gender stereotypes associated with the professions and demonstrating that there are not only professions for men or only for women," reads a statement released on 1 June.

The portal initiative is from the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro, says the document, which adds that the project was developed with the involvement of the Social Studies Centre of Coimbra University, with the Women in Tech platform in Portugal, which aims to disseminate the presence of women in the technology sector and with the training centre in technological areas Ironhack Lisboa.

The portal development was made by the Community of Code Girls and illustrated by designer Rita do Mar.

Quoted in the Government statement, Rosa Monteiro defends the importance of "continuing to work, from early on, in the deconstruction of what limits the access of women and men to certain professions or careers and thus constraining their freedom and achievement of a full life and a sustainable society", promoting, from an early age, an education "educated in freedom and without gender constraints.