They have a vast array of services that take care of everything that a pool could possibly need to be at its best.

Pools4u offers a seven Point Analysis health check of your pool or spa, as well as an all year round pool and spa maintenance. If you decide to sign up for the yearly pool maintenance you will get FREE shock treatment in case you have a green pool, saving you 195€. Any customer that signs up for the year round service also has the option to pay for 10 months upfront and receive the last two months of service for FREE, a continuous offer that is available for both new and existing clients.

Also when it comes to leak detections, Pool4u has all the necessary equipment and know how to make sure your pool is not leaking and causing you any unexpectedly high water bills, using pressure testing kits and underwater cameras that are also able to film footage.

Furthermore they offer under water pressure cleaning of the pool surfaces and can even refurbish your pump house and your new or existing pool with Pebble and Mosaic tiles, as well as install salt and automatic dosers to make your life even easier.

To find out more about the services we can offer at Pools4u please visit our website , our Facebook & Instagram pages with videos and photos from start to finish, contact us on email at or phone on 282 098698