“Up to June 8, 3,833 awareness-raising actions had been carried out across the country to comply with the protection measures in force,” said the Maritime Police.

The maritime authority points out that, between May 18 and June 8, no beach user was fined for non-compliance with the rules defined for access, occupation and use of the beach.

"Since Decree-Law No. 35-A/2021, of May 18, came into force, no notice of infraction has been issued for non-compliance with measures to contain covid-19 for bathers on the beaches".

With regard to other administrative offenses, the Maritime Police indicates that four notices were issued related to the operation of establishments outside the hours allowed by law (maritime tourism companies) and in relation to overcrowding issues.

Despite verifying “some non-compliance with the measures currently in force on the beaches, namely the use of masks and physical distance”, the Maritime Police recalls that its position is “essentially pedagogical and awareness-raising, in order to prevent and correct a potential situation of infraction”.

According to the maritime authority, people have respected the advice from the authorities.