“In Portugal, it is recommended for now, until new data are known, that the Covid-19 vaccine Janssen be used in males aged 18 years or older," says the update to the DGS.

According to the entity led by Graça Freitas, this single-dose vaccine may also be administered to women aged 50 years or below "who wish to do so, if duly informed, on a basis of weighing the benefits and risks", provided they express their "free and informed consent".

In April, the DGS published a norm that indicated that the administration of the Janssen vaccine (from the Johnson & Johnson group) was recommended for people at least 50 years old.

This rule came after the European Medicines Agency (EMA, the acronym in English) concluded that there was a possible relationship between the formation of blood clots and the vaccine, after eight cases of people who developed blood clots were reported in almost seven million people vaccinated in the United States.