The document was supported by the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Huelva and "calls on the Regional Government of Andalusia to promote the high-speed link between Seville-Huelva-Faro, which will enable it to raise levels of income in an area with high potential for development, but without railway networks to ensure their intercommunication".

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, said that the manifesto is "historic" at the time, because "it means underlining the active commitment to carrying out a key project for growth, progress and investment attraction".

"I am sure that the president of Andalusia will follow us on this path, and the Government of Spain as well, supporting a project for the development and progress of Huelva, Andalusia and Spain", said the mayor, adding that he hoped that the project will also be joined "soon" by the mayor of Faro.

The Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, stressed that "European funds will allow for large public investment in essential infrastructure for development and economic recovery”

"One of these strategic infrastructures is the connection of the AVE [high-speed train] Seville-Huelva-Faro, which is a key project for the connection of three cities that have common interests, two important airports like Faro and Seville, for the business sector of Andalusia and Portugal, for new projects of industrial development and technological innovation and for our tourism strategy", he said.

Furthermore, the document also received support from the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Huelva, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Seville, the Andalusia Council of Chambers of Commerce, the Andalusia Confederation of Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurial Association of the Algarve Region (NERA), a source of the Chamber of Commerce of Huelva told Lusa News Agency.

The high-speed rail that currently links Madrid to Seville was the first to be built in Spain. The proposal of the Andalusian political forces and business leaders would mean the extension of this line to Faro, passing through Huelva.