Former England football captain, Paul Ince, Sky Sports reporter Abi Davies and TV and radio reporter Ian Chambers have all flown to the Algarve from the UK to host the new TV show which will be on air daily until 12 July.

In addition to the presenters who appear every day on the show, they are joined by guests to comment on the games and tournament in general, with one of the goals of the show being to interact with people, whose opinion is sometimes left behind in the sports world, “giving them a voice”.

For this reason, in the TV show, presenters and guests not only review the games and make predictions about results, including which teams they believe will be champions and who will be the man of the match each day, they also engage with football fans who share their opinions through the Pitchsports App.

Pitchsports is an APP that allows users to interact with the TV Show through their phones. “You can pick your score, predict what’s going to happen in the game and get engaged with other fans. It’s like an online community for football fans”, explained Susannah Schofield OBE, the Owner & Founder of Pitch Sports App and organiser of the TV Show.

“The feedback has been great, better than we anticipate, so we are very pleased that we’ve built a good following and that we have a very good interaction in the App”, said Susannah, adding that it is always hard to start a new TV Show.
“This is the first time we have produced a football show and it is also the first time we are recording in the Algarve which is exciting. Portuguese football fans are so passionate”, she said.

Pitch football at the Euros is broadcast on the channel 437, at 1:00 pm on weekdays and at 2:00 pm during the weekends and is being recorded everyday between 10:00 am and 12:00 am in Tribulum restaurant in Almancil.

The TV Show is broadcasted on Sky TV, on the Pitchsports App news feed and on the YouTube Chanel at