Since its inception, Paincare has sought to innovate and keep up to date with the latest technology available in the treatment of chronic pain. In a context where, traditionally, pain caused by pathologies associated with the spinal column was seen as a fatality to be endured, Paincare sought to master, with proven success, minimally invasive methods to combat pain and became pioneer in this area.

Paincare was committed from the very beginning to master the most advanced techniques to identify and neutralize pain, performed by professionals with extensive experience in Orthopaedics, Anaesthesiology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, among other specialties that “have brought Paincare a huge diversity in the type of interventions it provides”. In fact, the multidisciplinary treatment it offers is one of the main assets of the clinic, since “the patient feels permanently supported” throughout his recovery period. More than simply treating pain, this approach allows for a total understanding of the source of the problem, by reaching the correct diagnosis and subsequently the most effective and complete treatment possible.

Pain originating in the spinal column is the most common and can affect any age. Between the ages of 20 and 45 years, complications of the vertebral discs are the most common cause of pain. In older patients there is a predominance of degenerative problems in the joints. This prevalence triggered in Dr. Armando Barbosa a desire to look for more effective, quicker and also almost painless therapies, such as the Eutermic Laser, Ozone Therapy or Radiofrequency.

The Eutermic Laser consists of introducing an optical fibre in a precise location of the herniated disc, under X-ray control, reducing the pressure on the intervertebral disc and also the possibility of a recurrence (a goal that has been until now impossible to achieve). With mild sedation and local anaesthesia, the results are almost immediate.

Ozone Therapy for the treatment of herniated discs, has also become popular in recent years for the same reasons: efficacy, safety and a rapid recovery. Due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of ozone gas, pain is eradicated in a perfect and safe manner, with results equal to those of conventional surgery and a lower rate of complications.

Radio Frequency is indicated for degenerative situations. High temperature electric current is applied under local anaesthesia to the nerve tissue that is causing the pain.

The partnership between the HPA Health Group and Paincare “arose naturally from our need to continuously improve the care available in the Algarve. HPA is a reference in private health in the region and has a common denominator with Paincare: a permanent focus on technological innovation and professionals with differentiating skills”.

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