“Sharp increase” in Rt transmissibility in the Algarve

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The Algarve region is the one with the highest transmission index (Rt) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the country, with 1.3, while in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo it dropped to 1.11 according to data released today by the INSA.

At the national level, from the last June 14th to Sunday, there was a reduction of the Rt from 1.20 to 1.1, which was also registered in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region, where it went from 1.26 to 1.11, according to the weekly report of the epidemic curve of the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge (INSA),

For the INSA researchers, this result suggests “a slowdown in the increase in the number of new cases in this period of time, that is, the number of new cases keeps growing, but more slowly”.

On the other hand, in the Algarve region there is “a sharp increase” in the transmissibility index, having gone from 1.07 on May 27, 2021 to 1.4 on June 14 (0.33 in 19 days).

“From this date onwards, the Rt decreased to 1.3 to June 19, although it still remains at high values”, stresses the INSA

The purpose of this status report is to present the estimates of the epidemic curve of SARS-CoV-2 infection by symptom onset date and the estimates of the transmissibility parameters R0 (basic reproduction number) and Rt (effective reproduction number as a function of of time).

After correcting the epidemic curve for the delay in notification, based on the data collected, the INSA estimates that up to last Sunday 869,663 cases had occurred.

According to the researchers, the mean value of Rt for the days 16-20 June was 1.14, and its true value could be between 1.13 and 1.15 with a confidence of 95%.

The following R(t) values ​​were also estimated for the regions: 1.03 in the North region, 1.12 in the Center region, 1.17 in the LVT region, 1.08 in the Alentejo region, 1.34 in the Algarve region, 0.98 in the autonomous region of the Azores and 1.17 in the autonomous region of Madeira.

“All regions have an average rate of transmissibility (five days) above 1, with the exception of the Autonomous Region of the Azores”, the researchers say.

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There is no such thing as the Delta Variant. That’s the side effects from the vaccine. Fact!

By Daco from Algarve on 27-06-2021 04:58

There is no such thing as the Delta Variant. That’s the side effects from the vaccine. Fact!

By Daco from Algarve on 27-06-2021 04:48

Me and the wife, retired both vaccinated, went to amber, most returned in disgust,we stayed as isolation on return wasn't a problem, we stayed in the algarve,the local people are struggling with hardly any income coming in,we spent a month on a holiday campsite, which was also struggling, it cost €350 in tests to comply uk requirements, and at the moment doing a ten day isolation in the UK, But that's the price we have to pay for not spending our money in the UK travel industry that is also struggling, on a happier note, our family around 10 ,are booked to return to the algarve on the 9th of August, I would like to say, thanks to the portugease people for accepting the British tourist back, wasn't for long, but remember nothing stays the same, ????

By Peter from UK on 27-06-2021 12:10

Lockdowns and masks have had no effect against the spread of the virus and WHO advise against lockdowns now. Covid-19 has a low mortality rate, in line with regular flu, and the risk group is very limited: 70+ multisick. The world should open up now and protect risk groups. For normal people the virus is not dangerous. The infection survival rate is 99.95 %. Stop being afraid and start living again. (Source: Ioannidis/Stanford/WHO).

By Fredrik Johansson from Other on 26-06-2021 09:58

Here we go again, the EU politions giving the British the blame when we are the country with the best vacation record,we had a little German telling us what to do in1939 and look what happened to him, now we have got another one sticking her nose in Portugals business.

By Roger from Algarve on 26-06-2021 04:30

You're all so worried flapping about Covid that no-one noticed that the Carvoeiro pic is mirrored.

If you're worried about Covid, isolate yourself and stop wasting your time ordering others about.

By Michael from Algarve on 26-06-2021 04:17

What's so hard to wrap your head around?
Vaccinated or not, mask or not, as long as there's increased human activity there will be greater risks of contagion.

My grandmother died from CoViD, and I can't help but think it's because someone along the chain didn't care enough. Well I care about other people's lives.

This drip technique has shown to have worse consequences than shutting it all down for a shorter period of time - instead we're all slowly bleeding dry, in order to appease the idiots who feel wearing a mask is a matter of freedom.

When a deadlier virus hits us, we're all f******

By João from Porto on 26-06-2021 12:18

It is not rational to blame British tourists. Firstly every single tourist who arrives will have had to pass an expensive pcr test before they came. Secondly, many will have been fully vaccinated. It seems very likely that the problem was the Algarve receiving large numbers of weekend visitors from Lisbon who had not been tested for the Corpus Christi and Portugal Day weekends. They cam untested from a region with a known problem. This is why people from Lisbon are now confined.

By Adrian from Algarve on 26-06-2021 10:36

No surprise there. You only look to see the number of uk and French tourists in Lagos not wearing masks. Why aren't the police fining them or locking them up

By fred from Algarve on 26-06-2021 10:16

This newspaper has a lot to answer for

How sad we have no reliable impartial English language papers here.

If they had any credibility before they have destroyed it completely.

Putting the interests of hotels that pay minimum wages and only seasonal jobs, ahead of the health of the resident population speaks volumes.

By James from Algarve on 26-06-2021 08:20

No use blaming British tourists most of whom have been vaccinated and all of whom have had and passed expensive pcr tests before they came. The problem was large numbers from Lisbon on the two national holidays. They weren't tested. So after the problem occurs Lisbon is locked down. Too late!

By Adrian from Algarve on 26-06-2021 01:42

Gustav/ what good would stopping none EU citizens do?
And by none EU, you mean British.
You are usualy very xenophobic towards the British.
The delta varient is already throughout the EU, it may seem higher in the UK but that's only because they do 10 times more testing than EU countries.
In a couple of weeks, the EU will have real problems again because they are nowhere near the superior levels of double vacinated in the UK.
Another benefit of Brexit!

By Hazel from Algarve on 26-06-2021 12:34

Algarve receives British tourists.
Gets Delta variant spread
Spreading increases

How hard can it be to understand.
Close the border for non EU persons.
And let us avoid one more state of emergency

By Gustav from Algarve on 25-06-2021 09:53

Only because tourists who test positive are included in the number of cases but not in the population

By Terry from Algarve on 25-06-2021 08:38

I am waiting for your article where you address the hastily put together petition to get Portugal back on the green list. Maybe an acknowledgment that in future you will address facts and not rush forward based on sentiment.

By Interested Party from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 08:23
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