Feeling blocked, having unhappy relationships with family members or having troubles with the past? Are you feeling that you cannot achieve your life goals and fulfilment? Do you feel that you identify with any of these issues? These are some of the reasons that lead people to look for Rebirthing.

Nuno Ribeirinha, therapist and a Rebirthing lover, has explained to The Portugal News what this treatment consists of.

Five years ago, he also founded InspiraDaMente (breath from your mind, in English), that aims to spread in Portugal the therapeutic method of Conscious Breathing, Rebirthing, by Leonard Orr.

“This breathing therapy started with studies in the 70s. The creator, Leonard Orr, found out that when we got rid of some blockages we started to breathe energy and, over the years, he began to see that it worked with him and started to try with other successfully”, until he created his own method.

In this sense, Rebirthing works with some part of the life cycle at the level of meditation, “framing each stage of life with its most negative and positive moments, with limiting beliefs, with personal lies. Through this method, mentally working these situations, we go beyond beliefs, clearing past hurts, traumas and go forward to a personal and professional development”, explained Nuno, who has studied Rebirthing Breathwork International in Spain.

There are many breathing errors you are probably making, many of them caused by traumas and limitations. One of them is breathing through the mouth. “Our method is all nose breathing. The normal thing would be to always breathe through the nose because we only breathe through the mouth when we get scared or when we cry because breathing through the mouth is more cathartic”, he said. However, Nuno has had patients that, after many years thinking they were unable to do it, “started to breath through the nose again”.

Tobacco addiction can also cause breathing problems that can be released with the treatment. After a session, “the smell that stays in the room is so intense that it seems that there were ten people smoking there. You realise that there was a cleansing of the lungs, because you smell it. Despite not being scientifically proven, people report that they have relief”, Nuno Ribeirinha told The Portugal News.

At the behavioural level, from addictions, compulsive behaviour, abandonment, among others, that are marked and later guided to behaviours and to paradigms throughout life, “we fall into repetitions due to those beliefs, that can be healed with Rebirthing”.

That’s why in ten sessions of 2h each, Nuno tries to help his patients to remove these self limitations. For this reason, the scope of the therapy is wide; it can be used for many proposes.

After completing all the sessions, the patient is supposed to be able to breathe automatically in the future, carrying out their self healing process.

However, Nuno doesn’t make any promises, because he believes that it is the patient who decides, even unconsciously, what they are going to treat and sometimes it may not correspond to the expectation that they had in the first place.
“We do not guarantee anything, each human being who is in front of us will go wherever they want to go, sometimes people have an expectation, but deep down they end up dealing with different issues and, after all, those issues are what really matters in that moment for that person”, explained Nuno.

“Rebirth, breathe, come out as new”. After a session, people often see themselves as new with a luminous skin, another joy on their faces. There are even comments saying that they haven’t seen themselves with that face for a long time”, he said.

Find out more at: https://pt-br.facebook.com/Inspiradamente/ or www.inspiradamente.pt