Delta variant hinders herd immunity

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The intensive care physician José Artur Paiva admitted on 29 June that, with the delta variant, herd immunity would only be reached closer to an 85 percent vaccination rate rather than the expected 70 percent

Speaking to the Lusa News Agency, José Artur Paiva, who belongs to the Monitoring Committee of the National Response in Intensive Care Medicine for Covid-19, highlighted that the major determinant of the increase in patients in intensive care is the increase in virus transmissibility and that how much the more transmissible the more difficult the virus is to achieve herd immunity.

“With this variant [delta], herd immunity will not be achieved at 70 percent, but with values ​​very close to 85 percent of immunization”, he said, stressing the importance of containing the Rt (transmissibility index).

The specialist in intensive care medicine considers that the ongoing vaccine process "is being able to have great effectiveness, which is maintained with this variant [delta], namely to avoid forms of moderate or severe disease".

José Artur Paiva recalls that the average age of admissions decreased “due to the absence or a clear decrease in cases in older people”, stressing: “The average age of patients in intensive care is around 50 years, frankly lower than it was on the previous waves”.

“As we have greater vaccination coverage for people over 60 and over 50 with other diseases, and as we know that there is effectiveness of vaccines, even in relation to this variant that is becoming predominant, in fact, we have a marked decrease in severe cases. This is the great protection that the vaccine gives”, he said, noting that people are only protected if fully vaccinated.

Basically, he added, "we have a marked decrease [in intensive care admissions] in older people and even not so old, but with comorbidities."

He recalls that the virus that causes covid-19, like any virus, “will always adapt and create a way to mutate to become more transmissible”.

"They need the host's cells and the interest of the virus is not to become more aggressive and kill the host, but to become more transmissible", added the specialist, who belongs to the direction of the Intensive Medicine Specialty College of the Medical Association.

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They better keep their story in line with other countries, which say the so called 'Delta' is less dangerous. We need herd immunity from authorities! Now the real news is that the same court which determined last year that the pcr test is useless for diagnosing, has now ruled that the so called 17.000 covid-death between Jan 2020 and April 2021 are in fact 157! Find Tribunal Administrativo de circulo de Lisboa, Juizo Administrativo Comun, processo 525/21.4BELSB

By Ana from Algarve on 29-06-2021 01:34

According to the authorities :
1. A virus that chooses when to infect their target i.e only on the weekends.
2. A virus that picks its venues to spread i.e motor grand prix , football matches
3. A virus that chooses its victims when they walk in and out of a restaurant but once seated eating and drinking it won't infect......
The virus is fast proving to be a scam of epic proportions !
What a Farce !

By Gregory L from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 01:17

Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Lima........
Might as well list out the whole damn phonetic alphabet and they will make a covid variant out of it.
Covid is a scam and we still believe in it.
Wake Up !

By Bruno from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 12:15

What is the threshold being used to

A.Have a positive Covid test result.

B.To have a breakthrough infection test result in double vaccinated people?

There needs to be transparency so we know that the same threshold is being used in both cases.

If not they are cooking the books and we have no real data on how many double vaccinated people are getting infected v those that have received no vaccine at all.

By vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic we are allowing immune escape,which means the virus will learn how to navigate into becoming ever more virulent.

Look up Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

By James from Algarve on 29-06-2021 12:02
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