Coronavirus cases in Portugal jump 2,362 in 24 hours

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Coronavirus cases in Portugal jumped by 2,362 in the 24 hours from Tuesday to yesterday, the biggest increase since mid-February.

Portugal and its population of 10 million faced its toughest battle against the coronavirus in January but a recent surge in cases brought daily numbers to levels last seen in February, when the country was under a strict lockdown.

However, daily coronavirus deaths, currently in single digits, remain well below February levels. Portugal has now fully vaccinated around 31% of its population.

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Joao from Porto, you are not wrong. You have summed it all up quite well! Humbly referring to yourself as a layman, you know that it really doesn't matter how much education you have if you don't have common sense! People without common sense, let the internet shake their faith in their own ability to make good judgments. They now probably have to look up how to boil water properly!
I'm also glad to hear that some dogs are getting a little human affection.

By William from Other on 01-07-2021 05:32

Drum up the FEAR !
Quarantine 'Delta' style forthcoming...
Until we step up and say enough is enough listening to these damn clowns.

By Rodrigo Santos from Lisbon on 01-07-2021 02:30

Is anyone really surprised?

I'm a layman, and I've been seeing this coming (whether for right or wrong reasons) for months.
Every *single* time I go out - which is exclusively for work, sport or essentials - I see too many people with their masks under their nose, completely ignoring social distancing, touching their masks and then stuff around them, not disinfecting hands, petting every dog they come across, having parties in the park, etc.

And then this myth "oh, we're behaving so well". No, we're frigging not. I don't blame Germany from blocking entrance from Portugal. I would too.

At this point, I attribute accountability to not being better informed. And responsibility for empowering the chain that leads to other people's deaths.

And if information is not the issue, then there's lack of basic decency and civility, and that's about it.
There's a lot of people doing great work, but if a next pandemic is deadlier, these idiots running around spreading conspiracy theories along with their snot will get us all killed.

Of course, I might be wrong. But to this day I haven't seen anything convincing me otherwise.

By João from Porto on 01-07-2021 10:09
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