26 reservoirs at more than 80% capacity

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Twenty-six of the 57 reservoirs monitored had, at the end of June, water availability above 80 percent of the total volume, while four had values ​​below 40 percent, according to data from the National Information System of Water Resources (SNIRH).

On the last day of June, compared to the previous month, there was an increase in the volume stored in two drainage basin and a decrease in 10.

The Barlavento (28.7 percent), Mira (48 percent) and Lima (57.9 percent) basins had lower water availability at the end of June.

According to SNIRH data, the Mondego (89.7 percent), Ave (82.9 percent), Guadiana and Tejo (82.6 percent), Douro (79.9 percent), Cávado (79.3 percent) basins, Oeste (76.8 percent), Arade (69.4 percent) and Sado (62.9 percent) had the highest levels of storage at the end of June.

Each drainage basin can correspond to more than one reservoir.

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What about the lakes and reservoirs, Rivers in Georgia how are they doing in comparison?

By Alonzo FairleyJr from USA on 09-07-2021 02:55
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