The Museum of Portimão opens two interesting exhibitions highlighting the sea as a common denominator. “Listen to the Ocean” by artist BJ Boulter (Bárbara Jane Boulter), while the other proposal gathers works related to the contest “Design with Tins”.

On show until 14 November in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery and integrated in the “MAR” Project of the Algarve Museum Network (RMA), “Listen to the Ocean” aims to draw attention and convey a strong message on the need to protect the beauty and purity of the oceans, preventing its degradation, especially through the discharge of polluting waste and plastic packaging, as well as due to poaching.

In a region such as Portimão and the Algarve, with a strong connection to maritime culture, BJ Boulter’s warning makes perfect sense. Due to the pollution they cause, the materials in question represent a real threat of extinction to reefs and many species of fish, crustaceans, mammals and turtles.

“It is urgent! Listen to the ocean!”

Visual artist, production designer and film producer, BJ grew up in Tanzania and Uganda and received her education in Kenya and London. The artist arrived in the Algarve in 1962, when her British parents bought the little Penguin Hotel in Praia da Rocha.