“Export companies' expectations point to an increase of 7.2 percent in their exports of goods in 2021, compared to the previous year”, concluded the Survey on Prospects for Exporting Goods (IPEB), carried out by INE in May, to update the perspective that had been put forward in November 2020.

For countries outside the European Union (EU), companies expect increases of 7.5 percent in exports, while for countries within the EU the prospects are for an increase of 7 percent.

If the forecasts are confirmed, exports of goods in 2021 will be 10.6 percent below the values ​​registered in international trade in 2019.

Excluding fuels and lubricants, business perspectives point to increases in exports of 5.8 percent in total international trade.

By Major Economic Categories (CGCE), we highlight the prospects for an increase in exports of machinery and other capital goods (+8.9 percent) and unspecified industrial supplies (+7.1 percent).

In November, companies already forecast a 5.5 percent increase in exports of machinery and other capital goods, which is significantly accentuated in this second forecast (+3.4 percentage points).

According to the data collected by INE, the companies pointed out as the main reasons for the upward revision of their forecast the better performance than expected in most destination markets that are already customers (44.9 percent) and in specific markets (14.9 percent).