The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort are offering a reward for anyone who can send in a photo of the night the Beatle’s star entertained guests and staff during an impromptu concert in the hotel bar.

In December 1968, Paul McCartney was on holiday in the Algarve and arrived at the Penina Hotel at around 1.30am looking to swap five pounds into escudos.

He decided to then go to the hotel bar where the resident band – the Jota Herre – recognised him and invited him to play with them. The bar, which was about to close and was half empty, quickly filled with guests and staff heading over to see a member of the Beatles playing and singing.

According to the hotel: “The night went on and, at around four in the morning, with the bar completely full, Paul McCartney composed the musical piece he named Penina on the piano, which was later offered to the Jota Herre who edited it. It is the only song composed by Paul McCartney during the Beatles period, outside the scope of the band”.

Unfortunately there is no photographic record of that night in the hotel but as the bar was full of guests and staff who watched this special moment in the history of the Penina Hotel live, the hotel hopes that someone might have taken a photo of that night.

If you have a photo of the evening then JJW Hotels and Resorts, owner of the Penina Hotel, is offering a reward of a 3 night stay to anyone who sends a photo of Paul McCartney's performance on the day he composed the Penina theme.

Photograph must be sent to: