"Too early" for third dose decision

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) have stated that it is still “too early” to proceed with a decision on the need for a hypothetical third dose of vaccines against covid-19.

“Currently, it is too early to confirm whether and when a booster dose for covid-19 vaccines will be needed, because there is still not enough data from ongoing vaccination campaigns and studies to understand how long protection against the vaccines will last, also considering the spread of variants”, said the two European institutions in a joint statement.

However, EMA and ECDC ensured that they are already working with each other and with the national technical advisory groups on immunization, ie the experts from Member States who advise on immunization programs coordinated by ECDC.

“Any new evidence that becomes available on this topic will be quickly reviewed. Real-world efficacy data from Europe and other parts of the world are of particular interest to complement data from clinical trials investigating booster doses,” added the two bodies.

In parallel, underlined the European regulator of the medicine, there is also a collaboration work with the laboratories responsible for the development of vaccines for the coordination around the presentation of data on this matter.

"This should ensure that regulatory measures to allow for the possibility of using a booster dose can be taken as soon as possible, should it prove necessary," stressed the EMA.

While the pandemic is not declared under control, the two European entities defended once again the importance of maintaining non-pharmacological protective measures, especially the use of masks and respect for social distance in order to "contain community transmission of the Delta variant until more populations are fully vaccinated” against covid-19.

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We now live in a world where injecting another is the standard fare like drinking water
We are all encouraged to be vaccine junkies

By Jessica from UK on 15-07-2021 11:36

The journal Público this morning published a report of the reconstruction made jointly by the Universidade de Porto and Hospital de S. Jõao of the first outbreak in February 2020 of the eoidemic. It concludes that serious omissions were made in the diagnosis and prognosis then made. There is good reason to believe that such errors have since continued and have been magnified by the greed and self interest of both capitalists and politicians who, as Mr. James wisely states, are the last people "you wantto have deaking with such a crisis" .

The vicious Delta variant may eventually fade away but will be succeeded by mutations/variants which will require analysis by scientists who are independent of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry .

Roberto Cavaleiro, Tomar 15-07-2021

By Roberto Cavaleiro from Other on 15-07-2021 09:42

And then dose 4 5 6 7 8 9 and on forever.
It is an admission that the current vaccine is going to be obsolete pretty soon.
They vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic allowing the virus to leant how to navigate those that are double vaccinated and then spread even more dangerously.

Politicians are the last people you want to have dealing with such a crisis.

Voices such as Luc Montagnier,Nobel prize winner and co discoverer of the HIV virus,Robert Malone,inventor of MRNA vaccines and Geert Vanden Bossche,a vaccine expert and formerly with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,have all be censored.

They are stating an inconvenient truth.

By James from Algarve on 14-07-2021 08:17
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