In a statement, the PJ said that to reach the identification of the young man, who was 16 years old at the time of the crimes, a computer generated portrait was used and released through the media.

"The first crime - rape - was committed near the Campus of Justice, the victim being a woman, aged 29, who was returning home after exercising nearby," says the PJ.

According to the PJ, this crime was followed by another, robbery, which was committed about 40 minutes after the first, when the victim, a 47-year-old woman, was entering the building where she lived, about a kilometre from where he committed the rape.

"The Judicial Police obtained a computer generated portrait of the suspect, which it released with due authorisation from the judicial authorities, both to police entities and to the population in general, aiming to collect, in this way, information that could be relevant in identifying the author of those crimes", the note says.

For the PJ, the role of the media was decisive in the dissemination of the 'robot' portrait and in the acquisition of fundamental elements for the identification of the suspect.

The PJ stresses that the steps taken resulted in the identification of the presumed author of the crimes and the conclusion of the proposal to lay charges to the Public Prosecutor's Office.