“Regarding the first days of this year's bathing season, more than 40,000 kilometres of beach were patrolled, five thousand miles of coastline, 43 people were saved, first aid was provided to 116 people, eight lost children were assisted and there are relgretfully four fatalities, one on a monitored beach and three on unguarded maritime areas," said Jorge Seguro Sanches, the Assistant Secretary of State and National Defence.

The Secretary of State was heard in parliament following a request from the Left Bloc regarding the statutory and working conditions of the Maritime Police, under the National Defence.

"In the last two years we made a substantial reinforcement of military personnel to support the safety operations of the Maritime Authority, to accompany visits to beaches that are not watched, beaches that do not have lifeguards. It is possible in this way for us to have very positive results in supporting those who use the beaches", he also indicated, in response.

Jorge Seguro Sanches also told Members that, "in addition, through the lifeguards, 175 people were saved, first aid was given to 613 people, 26 lost children were assisted".

According to the governor, "this year the bathing season was prepared in a much more calmer way", pointing out that "last year, the first year with Covid, it was a big challenge to get the structures ready for the challenge".

The Secretary of State also highlighted the "articulation, exemplary in every way" between the GNR, PSP and Maritime Police at a local level, which allows for "a safer beach".

In an answer to CDS, Jorge Seguro Sanches indicated that there are currently "6,324 lifeguards with valid certification", which is less than last year but "is much higher, even so, than normal", since in the three previous years the total was below 5,600.

In his speech, CDS-PP MP Pedro Morais Soares pointed out that "there are many beaches" without surveillance and considered that this "is a serious safety problem".

"It doesn't seem to us that there are reasons for this lack of lifeguards" and there are "more than a sufficient number of lifeguards for what are needed", countered the minister, indicating that this will still be verified.