I really do think it will damage Portugal’s economy if the current 90/180 regime for Tourists is not changed. We have owned property in the Algarve for 15 years and always visited for about 160 days in total split approximately 120 days between May and October and 40 days November to April. Friends and relatives come with us most of the time so the summer days can be roughly doubled in terms of spending capacity. Restricting us to 90 days in the summer will therefore reduce spending by about 25%.

Like Averil we do not wish to be residents anywhere in the EU but we invested heavily in Portugal as we love the Country and the lifestyle (including golf where I have a full year membership).

The current rules will make us reconsider our investment as it may not make financial sense to employ full time gardeners and pool guys when the property will be stood empty for up to 230 days a year (we do not rent).

I mentioned this to an employee of SEF who was at first accusatory about Brexit until I forcefully reminded him that we didn’t all vote for that disastrous initiative and it would be in all our interests for 180/360 to be the rule.

Dave Page, By email