EDITOR, I would like to thank Lagoa council for the fantastic improvements to our street, Rua das Flores, with the increased parking spaces for residents and visitors.

The road is not yet complete (water supply still requiring connection and parking demarcations yet to be painted) but it has already been opened to traffic and parking.

To our amazement, the street has already been invaded by caravans, both DAY and NIGHT, taking up multiple spaces each. There are no facilities for overnight stays -and from past experience, we know they do their private business in the bushes by the boardwalk. They also deposit large quantities of rubbish in the bins, which are constantly overflowing. With the hot weather, they leave their motors running to leave air conditioning - thus polluting the air with their noise and diesel fumes.

In addition to the caravans, there are cars parking on the newly paved calcada pavements, thereby restricting pedestrian access, and damaging the beautiful pavements. Already, several cars have parked in the reserved spaces, showing no permits to do so.

The heavy caravans and the cars parking illegally on the pavements have also damaged the water pipes by driving over them, causing wasteful water leaks, as well as inconveniencing the locals while the water is cut off during repairs.

We have lived through the inconvenience of the works - hoping to benefit from the beautiful result - but alas, the situation seems worse than ever. Caravans should not be allowed on this road - just as they are not permitted at the parking near the boardwalk.

Is it possible for the council to please organise signage prohibiting caravans from parking on Rua das Flores?



90/180 day rule

EDITOR, a warning to all non-resident holiday homeowners throughout the EU.

I have been declined a claim on my holiday home insurance in the Algarve because it was unoccupied for more than 60 days, even though it was checked during this time.

It would appear that insurers are selling policies that they know they have a good chance of reneging because of the 90/180 day rule, that prevented me from reentering for 90 days after my previous visit