“Today we are two months away from the day of decision. We have two months ahead of us to complete a very difficult campaign, because today it is more difficult to communicate with a mask, today it is more difficult to contact voters maintaining physical distance, but the truth is that we also have to reinvent our campaign as we have had to reinvent our way of life over the course of this year and a half”, said the Prime Minister.

For António Costa, “this is the condition” to achieve the goal of defeating the pandemic, the economic crisis and unemployment and launching the country again “much faster and beyond the goal of matching with the most developed countries of the European Union”.

Earlier, the socialist leader referred to the slogan of Gonçalo Lopes' candidate for mayor of the Leiria Chamber.

“I believe that this slogan chosen by Gonçalo Lopes 'Passion for Leiria, rigor and the future' sums up well what the marks of municipal governance of the Socialist Party should be”, he declared, adding: “Passion for our land and for our populations, strict management and always looking to the future”.