The government official explained that the Johnson vaccine will be administered to "over 18 year old males", while Pfizer will inoculate "young people between 12 and 17 years old".

"There will be no need to make an appointment", and people should go to the Funchal Vaccination Center, located in Madeira Tecnopolo.

Pedro Ramos argued that, although “vaccination is optional, therefore not mandatory”, it is “an act of citizenship when we have public health problems and we want to control this pandemic that has affected everyone”.

“We are vaccinating children and all age groups are being protected”.

Pedro Ramos mentioned that the health authorities are promoting the “open days” to vaccinate people “as soon as possible”, with the second action taking place on 27 July in Funchal.

Pedro Ramos added that the goal is to sensitise “the population to join this vaccination campaign so that everyone is protected sooner”.

He also stressed that herd immunity in the region must be achieved by "the end of September or the first half of October", because the values ​​are no longer 70 percent of the vaccinated population, but "85 or 90 percent to also control the new variants” of Covid-19.