Both companies have joined forces in developing the film studios’ project in Loulé, acting as its main shareholders.

The two filmmaking companies worked on “There’s Always Hope,” currently out of post-production and scheduled for a cinema release later in October and now they are working on a new film, The Infernal Machine.

On 19 July, Spy Manor Productions, MovieBox and Monte Productions started shooting the new project together. Directed and written by Andrew Hunt and produced by Lionel Hicks, Julian Hicks, and co-produced by Vanda Everke, filming will take place in the new MovieBox studio complex in Loulé and locations in the locality. “We are excited to film the strong internationally lead cast production, The Infernal Machine, at the MovieBox studio site, which is currently in its first phase of development”, said Vanda Everke, founder of Spy Manor and co-producer on the project.

“I build emotional rollercoasters, films that immerse an audience in worlds full of fear and danger, miracles and wonderment, cinematic voyages travelling across a spectrum of vehemence, leaving an audience entertained, moved, and hopeful. The Infernal Machine is the next rollercoaster that I can’t wait to build.” said Andrew Hunt.

Spy Manor, MovieBox and Monte are also co-producing a psychological drama, The Darkroom, directed by Kit Monkman.

“The Darkroom will tell a half-remembered, half-imagined story, full of contemporary relevance, that re-defines how the inner imagination can be painted on a cinematic canvas. The film will be rendered with a poetic force and phantasmagoric quality. It will be deliberately playful in its depiction of time and space and be daring in its use of cinematic language. The Darkroom will use a hybrid of built sets and green-screen environments, allowing both the materiality and malleability of the locations and the psychological spaces that link them, to be expressed”, said Kit Monkman.

The film fund

A cornerstone of an increasing film fund has been established by MovieBox Group and Spy Manor Productions to create investable film opportunities and related finance for production in the Algarve. The fund has a remit of assisting selected productions and part-funded Co-Productions as part of the continued growth of the new international filmmaking destination of the Algarve. The fund is set to increase in the coming months as its organisers seek to develop incentivised film investment opportunities amid an international audience.

The Loulé Film Office is constantly assisting projects, accessing locations and handling bureaucracy within the film industry in Portugal. As such, it should be noted that their role has been invaluable in assisting both Spy Manor Productions and MovieBox Group in advancing many projects. The Loulé Film Office, Portugal Film Commission & Filma Porto Film Commission are currently at Cannes International Film Festival. In addition, they are promoting the Algarve and Portugal to become a premier destination for film shoots and photographic productions, contributing to strengthening the image and promotion of the county.