We met with Becca Spooner, the co-owner and creator of Soluna, to tell us some more about what it is. “We wanted to provide a space so people can bring their creative energy to it” Becca explained.

“At the moment we have someone there that does sound-baths, there are a few different massage therapists, we are also doing shiatsu and yoga therapy. So we are trying to support the community in that way, on a practical level. A lot of my clients are dealing with the isolation and stress resulting from the lockdowns and for us it was really important to create a space where people can come together and heal.”

The space can really be used by anyone for anything and it also acts as a co-working space and a pop-up shop. There are people offering anything from self defence classes to coffee tasting and selling anything from surf boards to baby clothes.

“People can rent out the space for whatever they want, at the moment due to Covid we can’t do big group classes or events but people can do one-on-one therapeutic session and we even have someone there that teaches MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).”

In the future, and once Covid restrictions are eased, the Soluna creators plan to also host bigger group events and retreats.

“Anyone that wants to display their creative talent, whether it’s clothes, the therapy that they offer, the surfboards that they shape or the food or drink that they make, whatever anyone wants to do, we have got the space. It is also a really nice way to get to know people in the area and support the local community after everyone had such a hard time during Covid.”

If you have an idea or a creative project that you would like to display or if you would just like to try something new and meet some people from your local area then you can find out more at www.solunaspace.com.