“Mainland Portugal surpassed the mark of 12 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 administered to the population, which allowed for the vaccination of more than 6.8 million people, with at least one dose, of which more than 6.1 million have the complete vaccination schedule”, says the Ministry of Health.

In the same note, the Ministry of Health also states that the country hopes to receive over 1.2 million doses of vaccines this month.

“It should be noted that more than 1.2 million additional vaccines are expected to be delivered during the month of August, which will be added to the 1.6 million doses of vaccines already expected and resulting from initial contracts with companies that supply vaccines”, advances the document.

The Ministry of Health highlights the "commitment of all those involved in the process" of vaccination, such as health professionals, security forces and the armed forces, among others, to have reached "a milestone" of 12 million doses administered, as well as efforts to purchase additional vaccines.