“The action plan of the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-2030 was approved, consisting of a set of measures aimed at achieving the strategic goals and objectives defined for this decade”, reads the communiqué from the Council of Ministers. This plan was under public discussion between 28 September and 16 November, 2020 and constitutes “a roadmap” for the implementation of the strategy and it's objectives and goals.

The plan aims to allow interested agents to identify, “quickly”, the measures proposed for each priority area or sector, as well as the objectives. On 6th May, the Council of Ministers had approved the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-2030, whose objective is to “enhance the contribution of the sea to the economy”, stipulating development goals for the ocean. The document revealed, at the time, that this is an instrument that presents “the vision, objectives, areas of intervention and goals regarding the ocean development model”.

The model in question points to the ocean as one of the pillars of sustainability on the planet and is based on principles such as the preservation and sustainable use of resources and services from marine ecosystems. In November 2020, the Association of Industrial Fisheries Shipowners (ADAPI) considered that the National Strategy for the Sea (ENM) 2021-2030 says little about fishing and gives the impression that the activity “is a problem” for the country.