Back again at the Crystal Palace Gardens, the 2021 edition has the participation of 78 entities and an artistic programme that evokes, the motto “Herborizar”, Júlio Dinis, on the date on which commemorates 150 years of his death.

The Júlio Dinis herbarium, owned by the Rodrigues de Freiras School, will be presented in an “exhibition context” marking the reopening of the City Museum Extension of Romanticism, former Romantic Museum, where it is proposed to carry out a diagnosis of the impact of romanticism in Porto until the present. The “must have” figure of romanticism in the city is addressed in the programme designed by guest curator Helena Carvalhão Buescu “Júlio Dinis — Walks in Romantic Lands” which unfolds into two sessions in the afternoons of 28 and 29 August.

The local authority also highlights a special session of Reading Quintas, dedicated to Daniel Faria (1971-1999) and other poets up to the present day who “have died young” and “chose writing as a means of despair”. There will also be time for entertainment activities, with performances, workshops and literary tours for the whole family, and the reinforcement of children’s activities at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library.

Finally, the return of Porta-Jazz to the Relento and the Pocket Concerts that bring proposals from different genres and generations, such as José Valente, Grutera, Little Friente, Montes, André Júlio Turquesa, Rita Braga or The Solar Corona Elektrishe Maschine, among others. Pedro Ivo’s Popular Library, also known as the Marques Library, is, with the Extension of the Romanticism of the City Museum, the other satellite space, which again becomes a library, with the works that existed there and from the writer’s memory Pedro Ivo.