The debut of the Fado Bicha project in Faro, the return of JP Simões, the music of Leo Middea, a double bass concert commented by Zé Eduardo, and the Cocktail Room event (which fuses electronic music and awarded bartenders) are some of the highlights of the music program.

“We want to continue to promote art and artists and create an intense and very diverse meeting point between artists and the public”, says to Lusa Mauro Amaral, programmer of the Kriativa Fair, which runs until 15 September.

The programmer highlighted that this fair “is not about objects”, but about creators, artists, producers and technicians, where it is intended to “promote a familiar space where they can meet and interact”.

In an exhibition with “such a large number of talents in various areas” the programmer underlined that they end up creating connections to “new people” or to others “already met before, but of which some aspects were unknown”.

The schedule of this 3rd edition concerts from Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30 pm, followed by DJ or electronic music projects at 11:00 pm. From Friday to Sunday, there is Jazz no Pátio at 6:30 pm.

Tuesdays are dedicated to jam sessions and Wednesdays are scheduled for thematic debates where topics “of interest to various professionals” will be discussed, says Mauro Amaral.

The first takes place on 25 August under the theme “Art on the skin”, focuses on how artists “deal personally and emotionally with their artistic mission”.

On 1 September, under the theme “Culture and commerce”, the dichotomy of what is created “as artistic expression and what is done out of the need for survival” is debated.

The meeting on “Traditional Vanguards” is scheduled for 8 September and the last debate, on 15 September, is dedicated to “Artistic Missions” and how an artist can structure his passion to “make a sustainable project”.

Ticket purchases, which vary between two and 12 € depending on the event, can be made online or at the ARCM headquarters, with discounts available for members.