“The “open house” modality is available, as of today, for all users aged 12 years and over”, said the vaccine task force.

The recommendation of the Directorate-General of Health for universal vaccination of children and young people between 12 and 15 years old was made known on August 10, thus no longer limited to specific situations, such as cases in which there are diseases at risk for the Covid-19.

About 150,000 minors were vaccinated against Covid-19 last weekend, the Deputy Secretary of State and Health revealed today.

“About 150,000 children were vaccinated this weekend, and it is expected that next week the vaccination of this age group will continue and later through the open house it can continue, so that we arrive between the third and fourth week [of September] with 85 percent of complete vaccination schedule”, highlighted Lacerda Sales.

According to the `task force´ led by Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo, as of today, users can also be vaccinated, through this modality, at any vaccination centre, as long as they use the digital password system.

"For this modality, the Janssen vaccine will be used exclusively, in a single dose", said the same source in a statement, adding that, in order to take advantage of the digital password system of the "open house" modality, the user must access the portal created for this purpose and obtain a password on the day you want to be vaccinated.