"According to the provisions of the new regulation of the Cinema Law and, specifically with regard to the 1 percent rate applicable to audiovisual service operators on demand by subscription, the ICA estimates that the revenue forecast for 2022 will be between 1, 0 [million] and 1.2 million euros”, said the institute.

The amount implies that the ICA does not expect it to be necessary to resort to the point of the law which states that, if it is not possible to determine the “relevant profits” of a streaming service, the fee to be paid corresponds to €1 million.

This rate was approved by Parliament in October, having votes in favour of the PS and PAN. On25 August, the Government published in Diário da República the regulation of the new Cinema Law, which determines that the 1 percent fee must be delivered to the ICA by these platforms by 30 April of the year following the year to which it refers.

The taxes will come from paid for services such as Netflix, HBO Portugal, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, among others. The law also determines obligations to invest in content on the part of these companies, also based on “relevant profits”.