In an interview with Lusa News Agency, on World Dog Day, the president reinforced the need to identify abandoned animals so that measures can be taken and put an end to this scourge.

"Right now, neither the Veterinary Association nor the Government knows how many abandoned animals there are in Portugal. What you can't measure, you can't manage", he said.

The president explained that proposals have already been submitted to the Government to end the abandonment, but "nothing has been done".

Since "animal welfare is a science, measures [to combat abandonment] must be implemented by technicians", he said.

"Until then, an effort must be made to improve and increase housing, in adoption campaigns, but if we don't go to the heart of the issue [non-abandonment], this will never be resolved. It can improve, but it continues to be a scourge," he added.

In addition to the lack of data, there is also no record of illegal kennels, which in the opinion of the president of the vets, despite not having decent conditions for the animals, "solve the problem for many people, a problem that, by law, should be solved by the State".

As for the creation of the animal ombudsman, approved on 25 March, 2021, the president says he is expectant but skeptical: "The figure may be of interest if they give him power, ability to solve problems, and bring people with capacity together. If it's another job just to say it exists, it won't do any good."

Data regarding the abandonment of animals during confinement and the 2021 summer vacation are not yet known and are usually obtained by the end of the year, but the official admitted that “the national panorama has not been very encouraging. Kennels are completely full and adoptions do not keep pace with the abandonments", he added.

Jorge Cid predicts that the number of abandoned animals is not “below 30 thousand”, a number to which is added situations not registered by the official collection centres, the Municipal Councils.

Celebrating World Dog Day, Jorge Cid considered it important to remind the public that they have to think carefully about the commitment and responsibility that is to take care of an animal before adopting it.