“De Dentro para Fora” (Inside out) is the title of the exhibition that opened to the public on 27 August, in the cloisters of the church of the Sé Velha, in the city of Bragança, and reveals the daily life of people with disabilities during the period of lockdown.

The exhibition is composed of works prepared by users/artists of the Academy of the Parish Social Center of Santos Mártires, in Bragança, together with artists from CERCIMAC, the Cooperative of Education, Rehabilitation, Training and Inclusion of Macedo de Cavaleiros.

With this exhibition, the two institutions want to make known the particular look and experiences of users during the time they remained confined due to the pandemic, and who chose art as a form of expression.

“This exhibition tells a little of what was our daily life during the period of lockdown”, shared Teresa Silva, technical director at Academia dos Santos Mártires.

Faced with the “uncertainties and fears” of today, the promoters of the initiative understand that “one way to cultivate hope is to keep the window open and look outside”.

Thus was born the exhibition “De Dentro para Fora”, with a set of painting and drawing works carried out by users of the two social institutions in Trás-os-Montes.

The exhibition also includes a series of photographs, called "Confinarte", which depicts the staging of paintings by famous artists.

The inauguration was on Friday evening, in the cloisters of the old Cathedral of Bragança and the exhibition can be visited, free of charge, until 1 October.