I applied for registration six months ago, and was told, as I had moved, I needed to get my official address updated. I therefore went to Finanças, which was shut, emergencies only. Change of address I was told was not an emergency.

I returned several times, and at last someone deigned to see me, only to tell me to go to the Câmara first. I went to the Câmara and was told to go to a different office. They told me to go to some department for estrangeiros. They told me to go to finanças. Dont you feel a pattern is emerging?

I went to the Portimão finanças because that was where I had moved back to. I was given an appointment three weeks hence, by which time things had changed and they couldn’t see me.

I did try the British Embassy, but they were apparently shut to visitors. Has anybody got any suggestions as to what my next move should be?

Perhaps move to Mongolia instead?

john clare, Arão