Why Portugal?

Stability is a key objective for those investing in a residency-by-investment programmes, and therefore finding the right fit for financial gain and lifestyle access is top priority. If the past 7 years are anything to go by, Portugal’s significantly steady economic upward trajectory is expected to grow above the EU average over the next few years. Compared to other European countries, Portugal’s investment threshold starts from €350 000, and has also become a top destination that offers a lower cost of living with a high quality of life.

“We deal with many individuals who want to secure their wealth and live abroad, and Portugal is growing in popularity. As an individual you really want to invest in a visa that offers you the most freedom and return on investment. For many individuals, they are considering more than just their investment and personal livelihood, but also that of their family’s and how they can set their children’s future up for success. The Golden Visa is a highly regulated visa programme, where you can investment in property and private equity funds, it also sells a lifestyle that South Africans desire,” explains Stuart Ferguson, Director of 12 Star Capital.

“Portugal resonates with South Africans in more ways than one. Aside from Portugal having great property to invest in, it’s warm weather, beautiful beaches, diverse cultures and exquisite foods continue to draw many in. The Golden Visa also offers families access to a safe environment, top healthcare and educational institutes, as well as ease of travelling within Schengen-visa countries,” shares Ferguson.

The Plan B Solution

Investing in opportunities overseas is an infallible way to secure and grow your wealth for the future. Investment immigration provides a two-fold benefit that allows you to invest in real estate, a sector that already holds significant impact in the world and also provides a route to seamless immigration. By investing offshore, you will be able to further diversify your wealth portfolio with a strong ‘Plan B’ option.

“20 – 25% investors that have come into the fund thus far are British passport holders or American passport holders; this is a global trend that we are talking about. Property is generally an exciting investment and typically, when people want to acquire bricks and mortar, they like to visit the location, and be selective. The benefit of EQTY Capital’s fund is that sort of care and choosing is taken on by professionals who are able to spread that risk across 40-60 prime properties,” explains Michael Maxwell, Head of business development at EQTY Capital.

The Rush to Invest Now

Recognised as a global city, Lisbon is the capital city in Portugal and one of the largest. Currently, 27% of the Portugal population live in this vibrant city. It’s where more than 2500 entrepreneurial businesses have been established and it’s fast becoming Europe’s commercial hub. It is no surprise that Lisbon is a popular choice for investors who want to start their business or find premium sectors to work within.

With the upcoming changes set to take effect with the Portugal Golden Visa, investors will soon not be able to invest in this capital city. The reality is that there is a matter of months left to secure your Golden Visa while you are able to invest in densely populated regions and metropolitans like Lisbon. From January 2022, the new law will ensure that investors focus on property inland. It will also require those investing in Private Equity Funds to reach the €500 000 investment amount, in order to qualify.

“While the new amendment only comes into play from January 2022, this means that there is even less time for investors to get the ball rolling and start the process while it is still feasible. As an investor, you want to ensure that you can secure the €350 000 investment criteria and know that your money is going into a key region that displays key growth year-on-year,” explains Ferguson.

Investors are now in the crunch time period to secure their Golden Visa this side of the year. In order to ensure your investment journey is seamless and that you are able to secure your Golden Visa prior to the new changes, 12 Star Capital along with EQTY Capital will help facilitate the journey.