All education professionals, including higher education workers, are covered by the strike notices of the All Teachers' Union (STOP), which are in force between today and 17 September.

Speaking to Lusa, the coordinator of STOP, André Pestana, explained that the union decided to make the strike period coincide with the beginning of classes in compulsory education, because this will be a school year marked by the municipalisation of Education.

According to STOP, the transfer of skills with regard to non-teaching staff will result in the dismissal of workers, who were about to join the civil service.

In addition to the municipalisation, which should be completed by March 31, 2022, the strike aims to denounce the "unfair competitions" of teachers which, according to STOP, makes lower-ranked teachers overtake higher-ranked ones.

STOP also requires that transport and accommodation subsidies be granted to teachers placed far from their homes and that the “misery wages” of operational assistants be increased.

"All Education Professionals (teaching and non-teaching staff) have been disregarded and robbed of their rights, which has translated into a greater devaluation, demotivation and exhaustion of these essential professionals, which also harms our children and young people", he recalls the STOP in a statement.

Within the classrooms, he wants to have fewer students per class and that measures be created to fight indiscipline.